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ISBN: 9789026328824

On a cold winter night TV producer Michel Brouwers is killed in an accident. The accident means the end of everything his wife, Karen, believed in. Her seemingly perfect life appears to have been a horrible lie when all the skeletons from the past start to appear, one by one. While mourning and raising her two teenage daughters, she tries to uncover the truth. She also revisits the place where it all began, Bergen. The village is consumed by the economic crisis, as are Karenand her former friends from The Dinner Club. The battle for power, more money and fun, guided by her ex-lover Simon, never ceases. In the literary thriller Overdraft, Karen untangles the true secret of The Dinner Club, and in the process risks her own life.

'Well-deserved winner of the prestigious ‘Meesterprijs van het Genootschap van Nederlandstalige Misdaadauteurs'

NRC Handelsblad


Marie Claire

'All bets are off in the end, and as expected from a good thriller, Noort has a couple of fine tricks up her sleeve'

Leeuwarder Courant

'Exciting, the plot is tight and there’s a lot to laugh about'

**** Algemeen Dagblad

'Saskia Noort’s best so far'

**** De Telegraaf