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ISBN: 9789026331398

Everybody has a dark side. So does Anne, Holland’s favourite TV star and journalist. When she’s about to lose her great love – and with him, her dream – and her grief is all over the news, she struggles not to be left by her friends and family too and not to lose her mind. Skin Ache is the rawest, most painful, abrasive thriller so far by Saskia Noort. She knows like no one else how to capture our time, with piercing descriptions of Dutch stardom, the desire to be a mother, and living in the shadow of an addict.

'A great book'


'Strong showdown' 



Algemeen Dagblad

'Noort has outdone herself with her new thriller Skinpain. It’s more personal, rawer and closer to the bone than her previous bestsellers'

Zin magazine

'In Skin Ache Saskia Noort lavishes us with plot turns and throws us dust in the eyes with visible pleasure. At the same time she delivers a very successful moral drama about the Dutch media world'

NRC Handelsblad ****

'Saskia Noort is the queen of thriller writers'

De Telegraaf